Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Aye, tis true - today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

And I have sad news to report. Some scurvy dog has shanghaied a member of me crew:

Or the scoundrel jumped ship of his own accord. Either way, I have no-one in me crow's nest on the Bluebird. So far me skeleton crew haven't run us aground...

but I may have to run up me flag and go searchin' fer a new crew member.

S'pose I can get this guy to come aboard? ;- )


  1. He can board my ship any day he wants!

  2. It's good to see Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrated with such enthusiasm! I must admit that ol' J.D. has done more for this holiday than anyone since Long John Silver.

  3. Oh rats! I missed TLaP Day again this year! And yeah, JD is the best pirate since Errol Flynn!

    That font you were asking me about is called "Redstar" and you can get it for free here:

    I tried to answer your comment on my blog but you come up as no-reply.


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