Monday, September 7, 2009

Parrot Challenge #1

Time totally got away from me! Guess I've been kind of distracted - DH took a few extra days off and forgot to tell me he was doing so, we've been having computer issues, and one son is getting ready to move back to school. I have managed to do a bit of stitching at least. Remember this?

I'm challenging myself to make a series of beaded cards using photographs of various parrots as my jumping off point. This is the first one, inspired by Major Mitchell's Cockatoos. It now looks like this:

I still have to put a back on it but I think the embellishing is done.

And I found this box at the thrift shop. Is it perfect or what?! It originally had notecards in it, some of them with the Hyacinth Macaws featured on the box top.

My beaded cards may not all fit, depending on how three dimensional they get and how many of them I make, but in the beginning it will be a perfect home for them.

Meanwhile, on the IBOL front, the bundle count is up to 449! I have a feeling that number going to double before all is said and done. :- )


  1. What lovely beads, I like how you combined them

  2. Nice job Sue. I love the coloring of these beautiful birds. One of my sisters had a couple of macaws. I never realized how social they were.

  3. Isn't it wonderful when the universe sends you just the right thing at the right time? Your box is perfect for your series.

    Very nice parrot-y color and sparkle in your card.


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