Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playing in the Dirt

We are enjoying exquisite weather this weekend. A day or two ago one of my sons pulled a pair of overgrown bushes out of the ground for me and I created a new flower bed on that side of the deck off the back of our house. So far it only has my poor little white peony in it but I doubt that will be the case for long. It remains to be seen whether the peony even survives. When I dug it out of its' previous location I accidentally cut through two major roots. I'm hoping the organic compost I added to the soil will help it recover and establish itself before hard weather sets in.

Look what else I found when the shrubs were removed!

Actually, when I was prepping the flower bed I hit a boulder a couple of inches below the surface. It was too big for me to try to excavate by myself and no-one else was around to help at the time. I decided to leave it exposed so I wouldn't try to plant something in that spot in the future. The dragon and its' "eggs" seemed a good solution.

We also found this that we will have to remove when the weather turns cold. I can live with them until then.

And remember this cosmos I showed you in my last post?

This is the plant it came from:

That's all 5' 2" of me standing next to it. The bed it's in is a couple of inches higher than the ground I'm standing on but it's still a tall plant!


  1. Oh Sue, you got to be outside and play in the dirt! Wonderful *VBS*
    Best medicine possible. I love your dragon and 'eggs', LOL. I never would have thought of the eggs part. I have a little dragon who rules the domain of my sewing room. He's partners with a rather strange wizard(definitely not the Harry Potter type!).
    The flower is truly incredible, love that you posed with it *VBS* Sending big hugs, Finn

  2. It's good to see you smiling in your garden. The cosmos have bloomed in my garden too. I planted some years ago, and now the volunteers make an annual appearance.


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