Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yet Another Preemie Quilt

I put the flannels away but felt compelled to make just one more quilt for a premature baby. I have more than sixty of those scrappy 6" Shoo Fly blocks I've been making so I pulled them out to see what I could do with them. Turns out I had just enough with a sort of ecru backgound to do a strippy set within the 24" x 30" format.

I also have this charming alphabet print flannel I can use for the back!

If I do three columns of five blocks each I have six inches left over for separation strips and/or borders. I've been auditioning prints... This one struck me as too busy. Hmm... It looks better in the photo than it did in person.

I also tried out this art nouveau style print (on the left) and a white-on-cream.

The art nouveau print seemed too busy again and the cream was not strong enough to be on the outside edges. Not that I would have sewn it up the way you see it here. At this point I was just trying out various colors and prints in general. Those strips would all finish at 1.5".

In this layout I have the art nouveau stips cut to finish at 2" and the cream print to finish at only one inch. On my design wall I like this version the best.

I guess I like the way the wider, darker, strips on the outside edges provide a sense of completion. Would you use the evenly spaced tiny checkerboard print strips or the art nouveau and cream strips?


  1. I'd use the checkerboard as it makes it a little stripey. The alphabet for the back looks stripey too. Two cents ain't worth much these days though, lol!

  2. It does indeed need the darker print on the outside edges to keep the top from evaporating into space ... if it were mine, I'd use a slightly darker fabric for the inner stripes - on my screen the ones in the pic appear so light as to be almost see-through (likely not true in real life)...

    Nice little quilt!

  3. The love, care, and thought in these "preemie" quilts you do probably seeps through to the baby and gives it a good feeling. This one is cheerful and pretty - even tho' a simple pattern, shoo-fly is a happy block.


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