Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today is supposed to be the hottest day we've had in this part of the world since 1981. Or maybe ever. I may have to retreat to the beach and take my chances with encountering sunscreen and bug spray on other folks.

I worked up a sweat earlier just by going out and watering the few plants I want to save during this heat wave/drought. At least we're not in Texas.

I finally managed to do a bit of sewing yesterday. It's wasn't what I was planning to work on but at least I did something!

I've been struggling to pull together a color palette for another needlebook. I thought that by making one of these little birds it might trigger some ideas. So far nothing has happened.

This little guy still needs his eyes and a hanging loop. I can't promise he'll get them today; I may end up spending the day in front of the fan with a good book.

Think cool thoughts!


  1. I like nice weather just as much as everyone else, but I'm ready for some cooler temperatures. It was 104 at my house yesterday and they are forecasting higher temperatures today. I just may be forced to make a bed of ice and stay there for awhile. LOL

  2. oh i feel sorry for you - i hate hot weather (despite living in a sub tropical climate) and i am dreading the return of summer. apparently we are expecting the hottest summer next year due to el nino (or something). yuk! i hope it cools down soon

  3. We've got the air conditioner running. I may live in the hot desert but I can't seem to get used to the heat. At least it's dry heat. I'll bet you are steaming. I hope you did well at the beach.

    This bird is so wonderful with the colors he has. You picked a great palette for him but then, he's not a needle book.

  4. You had BETTER be glad you're not in Texas - at least you have trees and water to look at. It is horribly hot, and always is until about mid October. Right now, due to no rain in several months, everything is dried up and brown. Miserable.

  5. I feel your pain! It was 107 here just south of you a couple days ago but now I think we are cooling off to the low 90's. Maybe the "cooler" weather is working its way north.

  6. I hope you get some relief really soon. How miserable this hot spell must be.


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