Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scrappy Fourth of July

It was pretty hot and uncomfortable around here on the Fourth of July. On the upside, I didn't suffer as badly from fumes as I thought I might. I wasn't up to working on the Birds of a Feather challenge project but I wanted to sew something over the weekend. Taking a cue from Finn over at Pieces From My Scrapbag I dug into my basket of flannel scraps. An unlikely choice given the heat maybe, but I was thinking the flannel would be forgiving enough to be able to sew without pressing frequently. I pieced these three Log Cabin type blocks...

and then built a fourth block up into this little top:

At the moment it's just barely preemie quilt size. I'm trying to decide whether to stop here and back it or whether to keep going to make it bigger. This morning I dumped out my flannel scrap basket and sorted what's left into long strips, shorter strips, and smallish bits and pieces. Hopefully that will make it a little easier to locate a scrap that will work for the next step of whatever I'm making at the time. Obviously I was trying to keep to a red, white, and blue color scheme with this effort. I have quite a variety of prints and colors in the basket, and finding what I wanted was slowing the piecing process down significantly. I suspect I'm going to be working with the flannels a bit more before I return to the Birds challenge - which, by the way, is a challenge sponsored by a local group, not an internet thing.

The weather has turned cooler and more humid - more like what we consider normal for this time of year. I'm already missing the sunshine, but appreciate the lower temperatures!


  1. I think your color choices are perfect for this scrappy log cabin block.

    I watched a show once where the guest was making a scrappy quilt. She placed all of her scraps into a brown paper bag and would blindly reach into it each time she needed another scrap. Although you wouldn't think the various colors would work together, they really did in the end. I haven't been brave enough to try this technique yet. lol!

  2. Your little flannel pieces are very cute! Are they growing yet? You have some great possibilities there.

    I understand about not wanting to iron in the heat! I'm glad the worst is over for a while. I've enjoyed the cool the last few days, but we're heating up again. My DH is happy with the heat. It makes me cranky!


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