Sunday, July 26, 2009

Refreshed Perspective

Things are looking better to me again. DH and I didn't take the little road trip we thought we might but we did get out and about briefly, and look what we found!

The downtown merchants held their annual sidewalk sale Friday and Saturday. We only went to one store because I was looking for something specific (which I found - hurray!), but how could we pass this up when it was only $10?! Obviously it's meant for Halloween but it will likely stay out year round in this house. ;- ) It glows orange when it's plugged into the wall. I almost like it better when it's just sitting there, unplugged.

Every once in a while I pick the head up off its' base and turn it upside down to redistribute the glitter. This is the most fun I've had with a snow globe since I was a kid!

I have almost made the decision to drop out of the Birds of a Feather challenge. There are a couple of other projects that, frankly, are more important to me and my muse seems to be calling me in another direction anyway. We'll see how that develops. In the meantime I have managed to get these blocks made for my Parts Department:

And this six inch star for a new journal quilt I have in mind:

Apparently we're in for a prolonged spell of hot weather. I wouldn't mind so much if the darn humidity would just go down! We've actually been able to have the windows open without severe side effects for me. I feel very fortunate in that respect. Just the same, I'm going to try to put together a couple of projects I can embellish for when it's just plain too hot to have the iron on.


  1. I may be behind in my reading and responding to my email, but I try real hard to keep up with my blogs. lol!

    I really like your star for your journal quilt. Great colors.

  2. Love your glitter skull - what fun! I like it better with the light off too. What a hoot!

    Your star for your journal quilt is great. Love the colors!

    OMG, the heat and the humidity. It's like being back in Mich or something! Good luck riding this out. I hope I don't melt either.

  3. That skull is so gruesomely funny. And I love the star block! What a collection of fabrics--

  4. That star is fantastic. I can't wait to see the project done!


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