Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I went to the thrift shop Monday. It was so much fun! Mostly because it had been a long time since my last visit. All the Christmas goodies were out on display and I found some not-Christmas things for my own use. A package of small artificial leaves, 2 yards of straight black fringe (think roaring 20's dresses), short pieces of black boa that might end up on my Halloween hat someday, four silk ties...

and another Whitman's candy tin (minus the candy of course!).

Look! It's a bicentennial tin! And it's in pretty good shape too.

It wasn't until I started photographing them that I realized how many Whitman's tins I have. Whitman's candies were one of the special treats we would only see at Christmas or maybe Easter when I was growing up. I don't remember ever getting a tin full of chocolates, but there must have been the occasional cardboard box or why would they be such a fond memory? Anyway, I remember being fascinated by the boxes because of the simulated cross stitch.

I like the one on the bottom in the photograph above because it also features buildings or houses, another of my favorite things.

There are two more I didn't take single shots of... and who knows what might be hiding somewhere else that I haven't remembered?! One of the reasons I like the Whitman's tins is their shape. They're flat and rectangular and usually have a hinged lid. One holds my patterns for small things like dolls. Another keeps my coloring supplies contained. One has elastic. A couple are empty, used only for decoration. Not quite sure what I will do with this new acquisition (the bicentennial version). I was just excited to find it and be able to take it home for fifty cents :- )


  1. That was certainly a lucrative trip! I love the tins. I remember waaaay back when boyfriends gave us the big boxes of Whitman's - which thrilled us, but also was traumatic, as chocolate ruined the complexion. How simple our problems were back then. LOL

  2. i like whitmans tins too, and the choccies arent bad either! They weren't around when I was a kid - i only remember seeing them since I was grown up - but i remember fancy tins of biscuits or chocolates at Christmas and being so thrilled too.

    i have a couple of whitmans tins with bits and peices in too - including a double depth tin full of beads.....

  3. I love all tins, especially small ones. A few years ago I bought some awful cookies because I wanted the small round tins. Yours are very pretty, especially the one with the houses.

    I always think tins are perfect for embroidery supplies and buttons.

  4. we much have grown up in the same financial strata :) Whitman's tin at Christmas was a real highlight. Now I just get one of the little 4 chocolate boxes and think happy memories while I eat them all up.

    Thanks for sharing, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

  5. I remember the family getting a box or two of Whitman's at Christmas and Easter. I don't know who gave them to us. We thought they were something!


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