Friday, December 12, 2008

Never Say Never

Everytime I work on a quilt that uses a black fabric I vow to avoid black in the future. It would appear that by doing so I only doom myself to work with it again!

My Christmas round robin quilt is back from the quilter and I'm sewing down the binding. When I can see to sew it that is. I didn't get a particularly bad spot in this photograph, but there are places where I'm sewing black to black with a black thread. It doesn't help that we've had nothing but heavy cloud cover for the last week (or more). My studio is the best-lit room in the house but even so I feel like I'm sewing blind.

These have been keeping my spirits up during this gloomy week. They are tiny carnations, and they have the strongest scent of cinnamon that I've ever encountered in a fresh cut flower. Absolutely wonderful. I wish I could somehow subscribe to a constant supply of these beauties.

I have also been working on projects I cannot show you for fear of spoiling the surprise for folks who may or may not read this blog. One of the hazards of the season. :- )

I want to get this Christmas quilt bound as quickly as possible as we are apparently headed for some seriously cold temperatures for the next several days. Even now we are experiencing very high winds so I'm going to stop here, just in case the power goes out.


  1. I remember my grandmother starting to complain about knitting with black sock yarn, at the time I thought she was exagerating, it was no different than any other yarn... now I'm beginning to have the same feeling she was -- why oh why put my eye's through this!

  2. The carnations are beautiful! Just what I need to do in silk ribbon for my January CQ heart (in needlepoint) I love black, as it's so dramatic - but I swore off drawing on black canvas or stitching it in needlepoint several years ago - but still do it anyway. I have to do black beads outside with the bright light, and still use reading glasses and a magnifier.

  3. You've given me a marvelous idea - I'm going to leave the office at lunchtime and go get myself some flowers for my desk. Between my knee brace and my co-worker's sprained ankle (she's in a boot and on crutches), we've been nicknamed the orthopedic ward of the office. Those spicy carnations would surely boost the mood in our corner of the office!


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