Monday, December 22, 2008

No Way

We've had more snow. This is a picture I took of our birdbath yesterday. Now picture it with a cap that's twice as tall as what you see in the photo. Mr. Jack O'Lantern has completely disappeared, and not because he was yanked out of the ground.

We even have icicles hanging from the gutters:

This bush has had a cap of snow for over a week. Now it's almost completely wrapped in a coat of white.

We have been fortunate so far in that we have not had freezing rain. I will be surprised if we don't end up with flood warnings when all this snow begins to melt though.

I found a piece of blue plaid homespun in my stack of Patriotic prints that should be ~just~ big enough to make binding for my flannel Courthouse Steps quilt. I also have my December Take It Further postcard laid out, ready for hand stitching. Too bad I'm so intimidated by both projects that I'm reluctant to begin either! Maybe I need to get my band sampler out and warm up by stitching a few snowflakes on it ;- )


  1. We had another 6 inches of snow yesterday too. Is this going to end? Will we be underwater when it does? Holy cow, what a Christmas to remember, eh?

    Stitching some snowflakes on your band sampler would be very appropriate! Good luck on the warm up!

  2. Yes way. Here, too, (blech) as you already know. I fear this is bad enough to lose some plants. I know some don't recover from the bending they are subjected to with the weight of the ice. Stay warm and dry and have a wonderful Holiday!

  3. We're just south of the ice belt this week so are not able to go north for xmas (much to my relief), so I hope you're stocked up and that when it does melt, it goes slowly and gently!

  4. I can't believe the weather you guys are having over there. Touch wood it doesn't decide to hop across the Atlantic.

  5. I hope you're staying warm and dry and that your power source stays reliable. I'm sure the novelty of this weather has worn off for lots of folks.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. We're getting precipation in the form of rain, rain, and more rain. . . but I remember snow like you have (and snow tires) from my growing up years in Michigan. Take care!!!

  7. Merry Christmas! Snow's starting to melt. We have one more storm headed our way and then it will be bliss in the 40's. I hope this is the only bad weather system we get this year. May you and yours have a wonderful Holiday season.

  8. Maybe you should consider putting electric heating elements into one of those quilts. I had rather look at that snow than live in it. Austin remains cold,gloomy and soggy, but no frozen stuff falling out of the sky.


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