Monday, August 18, 2008

So Many Triangles!

I took QuiltPixie's advice to just sew triangles together this weekend and save pressing them for when the heat wave broke. This is just a sampling of what I accomplished:

The temperature has come down but the humidity has gone way up. I'd almost rather have the heat! In other places I've lived the humidity would drop significantly when we finally had a big thunderstorm. While rain is predicted - scattered showers - we rarely experience that drop in humidity afterwards. Nevertheless, I have pieced and pressed some of those triangles into more Broken Dishes blocks.

These are mostly 8" blocks (or would be if they were perfect!). The littlest one on the bottom right will finish at about 2".

These will be roughly 6" blocks:

And these will finish at something like 2.5":

Now I have quarter-square triangles ready to be sewn into Hourglass blocks. There are still plenty of half-square triangles to be sewn together too, but I have to admit I'm getting rather bored with this process. I want to piece some more liberated stars!


  1. I too hate the humidity... THankfully here on the praries we don't tend to have it too high for too long, but I feel like wilted lettuce in it... And with the heat added, I probably am turning green like lettuse with mold! ;-)

    THe blocks are looking great. I love the scrappy look that you're getting from the assortment of fabrics.

  2. Your blocks are looking good. I think those tiny ones are cute! I think that the liberated stars would be more fun too, but you gotta have something to go with them, I guess.
    Yep, that heat and humidity were a killer for me too. I'm liking today much better! I hope it's eased for you too.

  3. banish boredom! play with more stars I say. these all look fun however-so well worth stitching up

  4. This looks great! We didn't get any rain at all! Please check your email address for me- I use the not the other one (f9419235449@netzero) now.
    I wish I could learn to quilt like this! I am just putting in a zipper in the bag and then will add the strawberries. will be glad to finish this project! Love you!

  5. These scrappy blocks are great! They have so much variety and such great colors.


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