Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun, But Not Ugly

It cooled off enough in these parts for me to be able to face turning the iron back on in the studio and do some sewing. (I have to keep the windows closed to maintain the air quality in my home and we do not have air conditioning. On top of that, my studio is on the west side of the house!) Naturally I had to have a go at the Fungly Challenge.

I'd discovered some larger scraps during the recent reorganization efforts so I figured I'd see what could be done with those to start with. It took me forever to even decide on a block pattern to use. I just didn't feel up to a bunch of triangles, even if we're not going for accuracy here. In the end I chose to make more liberated stars. This is what I came up with:

Not exactly fungly in my book. Fun, yes, but there's nothing I consider ugly in any of these prints! (Well, the one that reads as almost a solid black is uglier than the others in person.) Let's face it, the stuff in my stash is there - for the most part - because I like it or can see its' potential in a future quilt. Even if it's dated. I do still want to make a bed quilt of dark reds, indigo blues, and shirting reproductions someday. I may have to force myself to dig out the muted calicoes to mix with some novelty prints in order to make blocks that would really qualify for this challenge!

I also managed to finally bring the panda bear preemie quilt top up to size.

To recap, this top was built intuitively, starting with the fussy-cut panda patches. From that point on I simply added strips of varying widths to create blocks. Then it was jigsaw puzzle time, deciding on the placement of the blocks and adding strips as necessary to join the blocks together. I think the next preemie quilt I make will have to be something a little more straightforward. My brain is tired.

Now I have to find an appropriate flannel for the back. I'd better get on that while it's still cool...


  1. The blocks in both of these are great. I like your free-form piecing. The stars may not be ugly, but they are fun.

  2. Love your stars... and I understand what you're saying about "ugly" - there's little of that in my stash (quirky, offbeat ~ but not "ugly"). So my emphasis will be on the FUNgly part (gotta get those monkeys done first, though). Enjoy your blog even tho I don't comment often!

  3. wheee, I love that popsicle fabric. Very fun.

  4. The stars look awesome, love your fabric choices! You go girl! Hugs, Finn

  5. fun approach to the challenge-I have to say I would be hard pressed to find ugly fabric in my personal stash collection- now the donated fabric? totally possible

  6. Ooh yes, this is great. Is that fabric printed with icy-poles? (that's popsicles in American)?? What a great way to use up novelty fabrics that are not really ugly, but together they can be overpowering. Well done!


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