Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Update

My eldest son has flown up from Arizona to spend a week or so with us. The whole family will be gathering here later today and filling up the house for 24 hours or so. Before the mobs descend I wanted to show you the progress I've made in the last few days. There won't be much sewing going on for the next couple of days!

First, the quarter-square triangles, sewn into Hourglass blocks:

And the most recent fungly stars:

As much as I'm looking forward to spending time with the grandbabies and my own children, I sure hope I get to see tonight's episode of Project Runway. Chris March suggested a drag queen challenge last season and they took him up on it! I can hardly wait!! (And you all thought I was such a good little girl!)


  1. love the star with the dashund fabric centre! The plaid somehow just "Fits" the dogs somehow :-)

  2. Love the fungly stars. I made a couple a while back but you have inspired me to get back to making more.
    I love the hour glass too. Enjoy you family.

  3. From one Magpie to another:

    No, it wouldn't kill me to leave a comment, I'm just hunting the right post to leave the comment with... her expression reminds me of one my mother would assume on certain special occasions.


    I love the unsymmetric stars, -=smile=- they look like they are reaching for the edge of the square.

    You have a stash of fabrics, I have a stash of beads, leather, bits of craft goodies, oh, yes, and fabrics. My husband once said I didn't ~have~ a hobby, I ~collected~ hobbies. He later said he didn't say that, but it's something I don't think I would have come up with by myself to describe myself.

    Come visit my own magpiesnest when you have the time and inclination; it's good to know I'm not the only crafts Magpie.

  4. Hi Sue, hope you got to see that was wonderful!! It should be running again, the hour before the next new one, they usually re-show the previous one. Even tho I know what will happen, I always watch that one too...LOL

    Love the hourglass and triangle mania you are creating...both the mania and the elderly fabrics are marvelous! I see some familiar watermelon with blue fabric in that first picture...LOL Hugs, Finn

  5. I LOVE the fungly stars and your choice of colors. I had paraphrased the 12 Step recovery program to begin: "Admitted I am powerless over beads and threads. My stash has become unmanageable."
    To quote my mother, "happiness is the pitter patter of little feet going OUT the door to go home." LOL

  6. Oh baby, the weiner dog fabric had me laughing so hard- what is it could it be? Purple weiner dogs!


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