Sunday, August 24, 2008

And the Fungliness Continues...

The morning after the grandchildren went home my neck and shoulders were so stiff and sore I could hardly move my head! I was very gentle with myself all day. Things improved enough that I was able to make four more fungly liberated stars yesterday:

I don't know if you can tell, but that upper left star is made out of a coin print that my friend C~ let me have a piece of. I wanted to use a dollar bill print I have for the background but there wasn't enough contrast even for a fungly block :- (

I assembled a few more Hourglass blocks in the process as well.

Remember this Dachshund star?

I made it specifically for C~. She has two miniature Doxies and wants to make a fungly quilt of her own. Figured I'd help her get started!

I now have 36 liberated stars for my fungly quilt. I was surprised to see that I have a grand total 18 Broken Dishes blocks as well. I could keep making liberated stars out of fungly fabric combinations but this project has spawned ideas for some of the other old fabrics in my stash (hurray!). I want to practice the discipline of finishing one quilt before beginning another {gasp!} so I have to figure out how I want to set this batch before I move on. I have made notes in my studio journal though, so hopefully I can come back to those ideas and act on them when I finally do have this quilt completed :- )


  1. your stars are great -- and with 36 there's no reason not to have a quilt out of them :-)

  2. Wow, finishing one quilt (any project really) before starting another is a gigantic feat. I'll be waiting to see how you do! Even if I manage to record my ideas that crop up while working on a project, too often they don't get started because my "get-up-and-go" gets up and leaves while I finish the other project. Of course, working on more than one at a time is no guarantee that they'll get done either! At the present time that seems to be my biggest problem so I guess life isn't too tough, right?

    It's hard for me to see your quilt as a fungly. I guess I like a lot of clash; your blocks look great to me. I'm not saying they look classical or beautiful but they look fun, funky and wild which is a lot better for everyday to me.

    I keep seeing fabrics in your stash that I have too. I haven't shopped for fabric in over eight years.

  3. Great blocks! I love the turtle on that ugly brown. (I think I had some of that one time... glad I don't any more!)

  4. I took another look. It's not a turtle, I guess.. a lizard? a gecko-type thing? a frog? It's a perfect Fungly, whatever it is.

  5. these are fabulous blocks, just so much fun. I love the lime green frog on stars in particular, but they're all excellent.

  6. Great blocks - I love the frogs.

  7. Finish a project before starting another????? what a novel idea!! Looking at the hour glass blocks, - reminds me of a "BOWTIE" quilt I found in an old house in a trunk - beautiful thing with the old old fabrics. Hmmmm needlepoint??

  8. Great blocks! I love the mix of wild fabrics. The Doxies are very cool.

  9. Love the fungly stars. They will make a fantastic quilt.


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