Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Fungly Quilt?

I may have found just the thing to snap me out of the post-exposure funk I've been in: a fungly quilt. Not that I need a new project mind you!

During the course of the studio journal class Sharon pointed out that everything in her stash is sorted according to color. I thought about my stash and realized that the one thing that is not sorted that way is my scrap collection. My yardage is, my beads are, my threads are, but my little scraps - the crumbs that I can't throw away for love nor money - were just jumbled together various bags and bins.

For the last week or so I've been sorting the bits into color families. I thought seriously about sorting them according to size but knew in my heart that I would get bogged down in that process very quickly. My hope is that I can use the leader/ender technique to piece the smallest bits into bigger units. Then one day I can sit down and sew the units onto strips to make 'mile-a-minute' type blocks.

In the meantime, I have shelves that are threatening to collapse under the weight of the yardage I have collected over the span of about 20 years. My recent preemie quilts were an effort to begin to use up some of those old prints. They're not even going to make a noticeable dent however!

I hadn't been around to read blogs for several days. Today when I checked out Tonya's Lazy Gal blog I learned about the Fungly Quilt Challenge she and Bonnie have cooked up. Ah ha! This may be just the ticket - something fun and loose to bring back my enthusiasm that has bee MIA lately and I can get another quilt top out of it! (You notice I said "quilt top" not "quilt." We have to be realistic here!)

I have plenty of fabric to choose from, that's for sure ;- )


  1. wow! I learned something new! Thanks Sue! Good luck with the fugly quilt- I checked her site and I thought that quilt looked pretty snazzy! sometimes I wonder if I am tacky because I buy so many novelty fabrics but I too have a big guilty stash and need to just start sewing! The paper dolls have held me prisoner all summer it seems and I am just getting back to stitching. It is my one truest love- to put fabrics together and then add texture with quilting and embroidery.
    Just wanted to stop by and say hi!
    love you!

  2. wow, now those are organized shelves. funny, my fabric isn't nearly that organized, but I do have my scraps sorted by color/theme...

  3. I envy your large and organized stash. I start out with good intentions but then start pulling fabrics out to audition and there goes the organization. I'd say delve into those scrap bags and make something Fungly and unorganized.

  4. Wow, beautifully organized! But it does seem like time to pull some of those you might never use, and put them in a fungly quilt (or quilt top, that is!).

  5. A fungly quilt sounds like fun and I have some great fabrics to use. I would buy fabrics I likes but the prints would be too large for a quilt. My biggest problem is with the quilting and I am mainly talking about queen-sized quilts. They are too big and heavy for me but maybe I can try something smaller. Hmmm. Well, after I catch up with a few more things. I am finally working on my last BJP page and just in time since Sept. is coming pretty quickly and I signed up for it again! I'm not sure I know what I am doing.

    Can't wait to see what your fungly quilt looks like.

  6. Hey Sue, the shelves are looking wonderful, and yes, that challenge is a good idea for getting some snap back into our garters! Hugs GF, Finn

  7. Looks like lots of novelty prints for the fungly challenge!!! fun fun fun!


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