Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Fungly Stars

Wow. I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. Time flies when you're making fungly blocks!

I'm sorry this is such a poor picture. It looks like I used a wide angle lens!

It has helped to have the Olympic competitions going on in the background. I can listen while I cut and sew but then stop to watch the actual race or whatever. We've had mixed feelings in this household about supporting the Beijing Olympics, even by watching them, because of China's history in terms of human rights. I can't help myself though; I used to swim and dive and participate in track and field. I still don't condone the Chinese government's attitudes or policies but I do support the athletes who have chosen to dedicate themselves to their sport and have excelled as a result.

Anyway, as I've made more liberated stars for this fungly project my blocks have become less and less 'normal.' I've been going through my shelves, looking for the smallest and oldest pieces of yardage hiding between the newer ones. It's been especially fun to look for something surprising to pair with an old calico for example. :- )


  1. The variety you're getting with your stars is great -- it really highlights the fact they are Liberated :-)

  2. these are great. I love that red fabric with the fish. and mooo! you're getting into teh true spirit of the fungliness of it all and playing with how you construct the blocks too. woohoo!

  3. These are amazing - well done you. Lovely Liberated Stars.

    Unless I stay up all night, we don't get to see the Olympics. Isn't it amazing about the US swimmer!

  4. Your fungly blocks are great. It's fun seeing what everyone is cooking up. I watch mostly the diving. That seems to be what's on when I'm available to watch.

  5. Love your stars! You're getting more and more liberated! I guess it's true - practice makes perfect? Oh, I guess that doesn't work for this, does it? hee hee! Good job on the fungly stars!


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