Sunday, March 9, 2008

No Pictures Today :- (

Apparently Blogger is having issues again and can't or won't load pictures. Let's see if I can even do a post...

I had a couple of 'lost' days this week, recovering from exposures to chemicals. One day I knowingly exposed myself (that sounds more provocative than it was, I assure you!) and the next was unavoidable. Such is my life. So it seems like there is very little progress to report. But! Yesterday I surprised myself by doing some unexpected sewing.

You remember those orphan crazy-patch blocks I made into this preemie quilt? Well, in the block that I took apart was this cool purple patch with a parrot on it. I saved that patch for my own selfish purposes ;- ) And yesterday, in my mindless state, I put that patch on a postcard-size piece of batting and started adding to it. I even got it halfway embellished before I had to quit for the day. I may be able to finish embellishing it today before the rugrats return from their adventures - if I don't spend too much time on this computer! Maybe I'll be able to show you pictures tomorrow when the Blogger people are done partyin' in Austin. ('Course then they'll all be hungover but maybe they'll at least be able to plug the server back in.)


  1. Sometimes I think spontaneous projects are the most fun of all. I look forward to seeing your parrot block and I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. Hey Suzi Q, got you linked today from the OT blog again *VBBS* but no darn pictures for me either. I've promised to post them when Blogger cooperates!
    Hope you are feeling better soon, can't wait to see you spontaneous project! Hugs, Finn

  3. Blogger just knocked off my comment to you. I'm getting pissed. I can't post pics or words to my blog. Where did you send your request. I can't even find that. Guess I'm just seeing red.


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