Saturday, March 29, 2008

Down Time

First of all, run over to Tonya's blog and have a look at the carving of Medusa on the Grand Palais in Paris. That's pretty much how I feel today. I went over to Darling Daughter's yesterday to watch the baby while big sister went for a healthy child check-up. All went well until DD and Miss M got home. Miss M decided that she wanted Gramma Sue to play with her before I headed for home. I was happy to comply except that Miss M brought down a brand new vinyl ball for us to play with. (At least, I think that was the culprit.) We played for a short while but then I could feel I was in trouble and needed to get out of there. I made it home safely enough, even through falling snow! and a stop for organic foods to replenish my dwindling supplies, but by bedtime I was beginning to feel the effects of the exposure. This morning I felt really pukey. It's beginning to wear off finally so hopefully I'll be more myself this evening for some quality time with my Dear Husband.

Speaking of which, we noted our 24th wedding anniversary this week. Since it fell smack in the middle of the work week we didn't really do anything to celebrate. Not that I could go any of the places most people go to celebrate things like anniversaries anyway. But we did talk about what we might do next year for the big quarter-century mark. Again, no cruises or anything like that. We have come up with some ideas about how we can mark the occasion in a meaningful way though.

I have done very little sewing this week. A tiny bit of intuitive piecing, but nothing else. March's journal quilt has not been started and it's almost April. {sigh} I still have two journal quilts waiting to be embellished too. And we won't even talk about all the other projects on my To Do list!

I decided that I just needed a break after a prolonged period of concentration and productivity. Down time. So I picked up Book 2 of a trilogy I had begun last year. Now I'm more than half way through Book 3. Thank Heaven I can still read paperback books! I suspect that when I've finally finished this 915 page adventure I'll be ready to focus on creative endeavors once again. At least, I hope so :- )


  1. A belated Happy Anniversary! Woot!
    Thinking of you...

  2. Well happy belated anniversary!


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