Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can You Say Avoidance?

So after that burst of energy at the end of the quilt retreat I haven't really done anything creative. I put a sleeve on a swap quilt (hi Angela!) and put away leftover fabrics and abandonded projects that had accumulated since oh, last fall or so. This is what my work area looked like before I tidied up:

Now keep in mind that this picture was taken while I am between projects. It usually looks much worse! And since the picture was taken I've managed to clutter up the cutting mat with papers and other non-sewing related stuff.

As you look at the picture, there are three piles of assorted fabrics and projects beyond the cutting mat on the left side, before your eyes get to the ironing board and then the closet. Also notice the two smaller piles of fabric on the right side of the picture. The three piles are now more like one and a half and the two little piles are gone altogether. Most of the rest of that stuff lives there permanently (or semi-permanently).

Yesterday was also one of those gray days when it looks for all the world like there was no sky at all. Today we've had a couple of sunbreaks. This little quilt was inspired by days like today. I call it "Ray of Sunshine." It was intuitively pieced and measures about 10" wide by 8" high.

Here's a little closer look:

That bit of shine in the lower right corner is a triangular abalone button and a few abalone chips. The background around the birdbath and yellow bird is all seed stitched in ivory embroidery floss. I had to rework the bead and button embellishments to the left of the birdbath base a couple of times before I could live with it. There's a pewter rabbit running off to the left too but he's pretty hard to see in these pictures.

Today I have a headache again for some reason. {sigh} I have made a list of all the projects I either have in the works or want to start. It's not as long or as intimidating a list as I feared it might be. In spite of that I still can't seem to generate the energy necessary to start working on any of them. Maybe if I do some laundry...


  1. I'm loving that people are posting their studio pictures! Hooray! And your art quits are so amazing!

  2. I am not so sure that I ever cleaned up my mess from coming back from Georgia! I still have a bin of fabric to put away! I hope you are well and feeling fine- I have some allergies and the pollen is a fallin and a killin me!! Yikes! Anyway- Just came by to say Happy Easter! Love and stitches! calamity Kim

  3. Hi Sue, just popping in to say Happy Easter *VBS* Love the studio pics...looks normal to me *S* And I LOVE your Ray of Sunshine..it's just delighful and I'm totally envious that you have such great inspiration on gray days...all I want to do is sleep.
    The chickens look promising and should be fun to see what you do with all those fabric.
    Love the purple parrot and your on the spot inspiration. Keep stitchig, Hugs, Finn

  4. Clutter? Where's the clutter? Oh, you should see me when I work. Not as pretty a picture! Actually, you look pretty well organized. Love your Ray of Sunshine quilt! It's wonderful. Those golden fabrics are just gorgeous.

  5. I love this Ray of Sunshine quilt. Most of my quilting is pretty traditional but I've been playing with some postcards and crazy quilting recently and really enjoying them.

    I love the small SEW quilt you showed on Tonya's class blog too - looking forward to seeing the hearts.

  6. I love the Ray of Sunshine quilt. I've had that same grayish fabric with the great drawings on it. I haven't seen it around much. Mine is all in a several years old UFO.

  7. THAT's your messy sewing room?!?! Oh, dear......


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