Monday, December 30, 2019

Bee, Myself & I in December

Yup, I had time this month to stitch for my own pleasure - and healing. After exposures to toxic fumes I often end up in a zombie state. It's impossible to concentrate and often impossible to settle to any specific activity. It helps to have quilt binding to sew down or, in this case, an embroidery design ready to be stitched and colors chosen.

I'd traced off the main lines of this free design from Joy McDonald some time ago. In fact, I'd stitched the tree limb and swing a couple of months back. This month I polished off the details.

The leaves look a little puny to me now. I think the branch is a whipped or wrapped chain stitch, a couple of rows of chain stitches. Were I to do this over again I wouldn't make it quite so thick. Or I'd add some smaller branches for the leaves to sprout out of.

I do like the flowers growing out of the vines that support the swing though. 😊

I'm particularly pleased with the striped tabby I created.

The embroidery is done but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. One of my projects for 2020 may have to be turning my stitcheries into a quilt or something!


  1. Turning your white work into a quilt is a lovely idea. It would become a real heirloom.

  2. I just read your post about your Christmas haul. Wonderful stuff. Santa was so good to you. You must have been a very good girl! :j have you figured out the photo taking? Anyway, this is a sweet little piece.

  3. A stitchery quilt would be amazing!


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