Sunday, December 15, 2019

SAL in December

And now it's time for my progress report on my needlework activities! If you're here for the Scrap Happy Day post just scroll down. It should be immediately below this post.

It shouldn't be surprising that I haven't done a lot of stitching since our last check-in. I've been preoccupied with piecing and, of course, Christmas preparations. In November I showed the progress I'd made on the foxes pillow cover.

Almost immediately after that post I backstitched the crescent moons at the top and bottom of the design and a couple of stars I'd missed earlier.

And then put it away so I could focus on Christmas stitching and it hasn't come out since! There's not much left to do really. Mostly it will be a matter of choosing what color to use I think.

Since I doubt the recipients read this blog I'll show one little gift I embroidered after putting the pillow cover away.

I stitched the initials of the recipients and the year on the back. The lettering is all whipped back stitch. I'm finding I really like the look of whipped back stitch. It replicates the look of stem stitch but I get better results IMHO. It' fun to use two different colors or shades of one color too. 😀

I didn't make it around to see what the other stitchers had accomplished last month. Hope to do better this month! Here are the links you'll need to take you to their blogs:

HeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeJenny

In this SAL everyone works on their own projects and we check in with each other every three weeks. That means the next SAL post will be in January 2020!! Until then, enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends with best wishes from Magpie Sue. 😊🎄


  1. You're almost ready for a Happy Dance. Lovely idea for a Christmas decoration too!

  2. that's a lovely decoration.
    And please please please, finish the foxes for next time! I really love that design!

    1. Well golly Claire! You may be just the motivation I need to get those final stitches put in! LOL!

  3. The foxes are so beautiful, this is one to have on display. And the " Rejoice" your stitching adds so much and the letters are wonderful as they stand out just so much more, like Goldilocks, not too much and not too little, just right.XX and Season's Greetings to you and yours.

  4. So close, I love your foxes design!

  5. Your pillow cover is getting so close! And your ornament is absolutely lovely!

  6. Pretty ornament and I'm intrigued by a whipped back stitch, a stitch I've never used. You are gives a very nice smooth look especially for letter stitching. THanks for mentioning this as it is something I could use.

  7. You did some stitches and that´s what counts :) After all it will soon be Christmas!

  8. I love those foxes! Such a gorgeous design and beautifully stitched. Love the little ornament too. Great idea for a gift.

  9. I love your ornament -- I've set myself a goal to learn / use 20 embroidery stitches next year, so I'll be looking into the whipped back stitch. And those foxes -- so pretty! You'll wrap that up in no time!

  10. I love these cute little foxes too. I will be sorry when you finish them because then I won't see them anymore! (Although I will enjoy your happy dance!)
    Have a lovely Christmas Sue, and good health in the coming year.


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