Saturday, December 14, 2019

Scrap Happy in December

Scrap Happy Day is the 15th of each month, hosted by Kate and Gun. As it happens, this time around it falls on the same day as our Stitch Along check-in so I'm posting this earlier than I usually do - on the 15th in Australia as opposed to the 15th in the Pacific Northwest! We are encouraged to share whatever we may have done with scrap materials, fabric or otherwise. As usual, I've made a few blocks for my Parts Department.

One 12" Lego block, five 6" blocks, and one lonely flying goose. But I also made this 8" star. 😀

Merry Christmas!

Even better, when I came across those candy cane scraps I found a some orphan Christmas parts. They hadn't fit into previous Christmas quilts and weren't likely to fit into the new seasonal projects I have planned. Thinking of the children my daughter works with, I turned them into doll quilts. 

This first one is made of blocks a friend of mine made a long time ago. I've pulled them out and tried to incorporate them into something several times. Apparently they were meant to be a doll quilt all along. They were an odd size but made for a 15" square when I set them this way. Then all I did was sew them together, add the border, and do the simple straight line stitching. It's about 18" square now. There's no batting in either of these doll quilts. I included a layer of thin muslin to help compensate for the bulk of the seam allowances but retain good drape. These are meant to be used for swaddling doll babies after all!

This second one began with a 12" block I'd made back in the day. I extended it with that strip of green and then the border. It came out just a bit bigger that 18" square. All the materials used in these two quilts were leftovers from other projects. It sure feels good to have put those orphan blocks to good use and use up a bit more of my scraps in the process. 

You can click on the links below to see what others have done with their scraps since November. 😊Enjoy!


  1. Love that Christmas star with the candy cane print. It's almost begging to be the start of a blue and white quilt – or it would be in my house, where blue and white scraps outweigh all the others by a significant margin. I'm not sure why, it's years since I made a blue and white quilt...

  2. Nice idea! I have small fabrics that i could use.Thanks!

  3. All of these blocks are super cute! The Christmas ones are especially nice at this time of year.

  4. Perfect for swaddling doll babies 👶

  5. love the star with the Christmas themed fabric in the centre!

  6. what fun to wrap a dolly in a precious quilt, so bright and cheerful. Love the blue star.


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