Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Bee, Myself & I in July

Bee, Myself & I is intended for projects we do for our own pleasure, not for a gift or to a deadline. Mine have taken the form of needlework of one sort or another and have been kind of sporadic of late. With the completion of the plaid Wrenches quilt top (see previous post) I seem to be in the mood for hand work again. Not a lot has been accomplished on either of my needlepoint canvases however. I only removed a short stack of the background on the horses canvas. Not enough to bother taking a picture for you. I've only put in a few stitches in the Pumpkin Head canvas too, just enough to fill in the rest of the background around the bats on Jack's hat.

That leaves the white spots at the tip of the hat and most of Jack's head. It will be tedious to fill in those spots on the tip as I'll want to run my needle under the black stitches between the dots on the backside. I was having difficulty seeing the color changes on Jacks' face so I gave that up for the time being. The edges of his hat will pose a challenge too. I'll want it to be as symmetrical as possible, which may involve putting in some single stitches of color once I get the background established. So instead of plowing ahead with this canvas when the time was right I chose to begin yet another canvas. 😉

Not that I could get very far. I mounted Jack on the only frame I had available. Because it's another small image I originally thought I would just stitch this next canvas in hand. After having put in the first stitches I decided to get another set of bars, currently on order.

I haven't pulled all the colors for this one yet either. It was easy to begin with the black spider web design on this sugar skull cat.

Now I'm anxious for the bars to arrive so I can do more of the black stitches! I doubt I will be following the color placements exactly. I'm not a fan of metallic threads for one thing. I don't even like metallic highlights on my quilting cottons. Just a personal peculiarity. I'll be stitching this, like Jack and the horses, with cotton floss. They are all 18 count canvases.

I'm in good shape for our next Stitch Along check-in too. I fully expect to have that pillowcase I stitched shut finished by then. 😊


  1. Both sweet little pieces - I see you're getting ready for Halloween which I suppose will be here again before we know it.

  2. Love that cat head, and he will be another beauty.I can see him hanging on the wall.

  3. I know what you mean about needing the decks cleared to be able to restart or start something. I like Jack, but the sugar skull cat is cute :-)

  4. Jack is a great design, and I love the colours in him. Deciding on background colour can be very difficult. It needs to tone in with the current colours, without being too dominant. I have a friend who has pulled out the background a few times because is hasn't been satisfied with it. I am sure you will find the perfect one!


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