Friday, June 1, 2018

Let the Games Begin!

I mentioned in my last post that I find the motivation of a deadline and/or making something for someone else most effective to get me cutting and sewing. So I'm delighted that Kate has taken it upon herself to host the Footsquare Freestyle block swap once again.

We started this together back in 2015 with 12 participants from across the globe. The plan was for each player to choose a color palette for her own eventual quilt, make three blocks for herself when her turn came up, and then sit back and see what everyone else creates for her. The blocks were to finish at 12" square (a square foot, get it?) but could feature any block pattern or technique of the maker's choice (that's the freestyle part). This is the quilt I built out of the blocks I received in that first swap:

My request was for blocks featuring a black and white print and any one bright color. I  made three of the rainbow blocks in the center of the quilt (and the sashing that separates the groups of blocks). It was serendipity that allowed me to arrange the other blocks in groups according to color. 😀

The second round of F2Freestyle only had nine participants. Kate set up a dedicated blog for us where we could post visual references for our color choices and keep track of whose turn it was each month. As quilts are assembled pictures of the fruits of our labors are also posted. This is what I made out of the blocks I received in round two:

And now we're ready to kick off round three. We have nine participants again so we'll be making blocks for each other for the next nine months. It took me a good while to firm up a decision about my color palette this time. There are so many wonderful possibilities!

This was a strong contender.

But in the end I've decided to simply ask for blocks that reflect a timeless blue and white color scheme.

My name was pulled for the month of July. First up, for June, is Lynn. She has asked for a muted palette of beige or cream, grays, and faded pink.

That will be a fun challenge! 😊


  1. A great way to have a permanent memory of friends in quilting, and to share and have a quilt at the end, wonderful. I like your blue and white choice.

  2. I was sorting through my blue fabric box today, pulling out bits of this and that. There's quite a big pile of contenders, so it'll need editing again, and of course I still need to choose some block designs. I wondered what I'd done when I agreed to go again, but now that we're up and running, I'm so glad we're all sewing together once more :-)

  3. I like the way this challenge is organized -- a bit of color control (personal preference for the recipient) yet a wide range of techniques suited to the makers. Marvelous!

  4. Two great tops from past F2F and great color plans so far for this one. Have fun. (BTW I found only two of the blocks I sent--I'll have to go back to photos and see which is the third. LOL.

  5. I giggled when I saw your colors, Sue, I nearly went with that myself!

  6. Blue and wnite......that's a .ovely fresh choice, and easy to do. Very different to your previous beautifully vibrant choices.

  7. i didn´t enter this year, but I´ll follow your journey! You have done great quilts of your blocks!


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