Monday, September 11, 2017

Wild Times

I've been pretty distracted for the past week, keeping up with news coming out of Texas and then Florida. My husband basically grew up in Houston and I lived in the Houston area for eleven years (most of them with him after we were married). We still have family and friends living where Harvey first dumped buckets of rain. Fortunately they are all well and accounted for but there are those who have a lot of work ahead of them. At this writing it remains to be seen how much damage Irma will end up causing.

Meanwhile, the wildfires here in the western states are still not under control.We had a couple of days of smoky air. I tried to take a picture the morning I got up to a hazy yellow-orange sky but it didn't look like anything so I won't bother to share it.  The fires aren't all that close to us, it was just the direction of air flow on those days. Since then the weather has changed again and we're enjoying temperatures that are closer to normal for us at this time of the year. We've also had the first real rain in something like two and a half months. You may have faintly heard the joy and rejoicing that took place in this corner of the nation. ;- )

In the studio I have been working on a variety of projects. I finally finished the binding on this quilt for Covered in Love:

60" x 75"
This picture was taken after it had been through the washer and dryer. I love the texture; it's so lovely and cuddly!

There's a block drive for more Covered in Love quilts so I made up a pair of them to send along with the quilt.

I also had some Bear Paw units set up, ready to assemble, for the August Nights quilt. They made for great mindless sewing when I needed it.

I'm a little concerned that they may not have enough contrast to them.

I'll deal with that the next time I have a burst of creative energy. My hope is that once the necessary sashing is in place the paws will show up a little better. On the other hand it may not make a difference at all. We shall see.

I also made up some blocks I'll show on our next Scrap Happy Day at the end of this week (the 15th). We have another Stitch Along check in on the 17th too.

With the drop in outdoor temperatures and the kids heading back to school it felt like time to swap out the quilts on my bed. Off came the lighter, brighter, white-based quilts and in their place I put my Footsquare Freestyle 2 and Macabre Medallion on the bed, one on top of the other.

I don't need two quilts to sleep under yet but I do enjoy being able to see both quilts regularly. I'm one of those freaks who actually enjoys making the bed. Or maybe I should say, I enjoy having the bed made up!


  1. Real rain, what a wonderful event. Lovely blocks, I like the fabrics in every one.

  2. I love seeing your fall quilts coming out! (Though I'm not a bedmaking enthusiast. Life's too short!)
    I had heard you'd gotten some happy rain. It's sad that one side of the country has too much water and the other side has too little.

  3. Your F2F quilt looks amazing - just right for the autumn.
    It seems the weather is behaving as bizarrely as some of humankind lately - I'm glad your friends and relatives are safe.

  4. It looks like you are already having that burst of energy! So many nice projects and it was great seeing that F2F2 quilt!!!

  5. How much nicer it is to get into a made bed. There are very few days when I forget, and then I just have to make it before I can get in at night! The F2F quilt is looking very handsome, I'd forgotten how gorgeous it was!
    Glad you've had some rain to improve your air quality. Wish we could get a bit of that down here. The lawn is no more, there's just brown crispy fragments in powdery dust, and the only things looking OK are the ones that get a meagre watering. Another couple of months before we can count on regular rain...

  6. But that two quilt night is on its way! Followed by 3 and 4 quilt nights. =) I really like the one you recently finished.


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