Sunday, September 3, 2017

All Over the Map

First, before the weekend gets away from me altogether, let me show you the last of the light neutral blocks I've made out of my scrap patches in conjunction with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. There have been two sets of blocks I don't think I've shared yet. These were made over a week ago:

And these I whipped up on the last day of the month:

I don't know if I've said it before but I was surprised at how soothing I find these blocks to be visually. While I was assembling them the voices in my head were going on about the lack of contrast and how awful they were going to look. Take that, Miss Pessimist! Next we get to play in our orange scraps. I've already put away the neutrals and brought out the oranges. What a pitiful pile it is! I believe I'm going to have to create some new orange scraps... what a pity. ;- )

I'm linking up with the other RSC bloggers late though it may be.

On another note, Claire over at Knitnqwilt reblogged a post by Melanie McNeil that is very timely and wise regarding the donation of quilts and other goods to victims of major disasters. Let me do my part to spread the word by suggesting you hop on over to Catbird Quilt Studio to read it for yourself.

For those friends who have left comments on recent posts of mine let me just say that I've been taking full advantage of slightly cooler weather and healthier hours to accomplish things other than responding to comments or reading blogs. Apparently we're looking at a week's worth of hot weather with possibly smoke tainted air so you may not hear from me in the immediate future. I don't believe I've ever been so anxious for cool, gloomy days to return!


  1. All of your neutral blocks turned out beautifully. Have fun with ORANGE!!

  2. Quick, you need more orange! (Well, that's always true for the two of us, isn't it?)
    I didn't play much with neutrals in August, though seeing your blocks, as well as some other folks', makes me reconsider. Maybe I'll go back and try a few, if I run out of things to make with orange... 8)

  3. Are you sure orange won't make you feel even hotter and more miserable...? I seem to gravitate more to cool colours when our temperatures get over 100F. Lovely peaceful neutral blocks :-)

  4. Those neutrals look so calming.
    I read Melanie's post and I must say that I've often wondered about the practicality of donating things such as quilts in the wake of a disaster. It seems there are better things to do if one wants to help in such circumstances.

  5. Oh, yes, I find those scraps VERY soothing! I'll have to think about that when I'm in my scrap piles later.

  6. Your beautiful blocksturned out beautifully! I can see why you were pleasantly surprised. Hope you are able to find enough oranges. Always a bit of a stretch for me too,but filling out the collection has been a nice challenge.

  7. The colour might have been neutral but your blocks play that theme beautifully. They would make a lovely quilt on their own.


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