Friday, September 23, 2016

Seeing Red

But in a good way! I've made a few more blocks out of red scraps for the last September check-in with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. One more postage stamp star:

The one at the top is the new one.

I've also cut patches for more red and white bear paws but have only assembled one new one so far.

The polka dot is the new paw.

I polished off my pile of scrappy shoo-fly blocks too:

There's been minimal progress on my liberated medallion. I'm hoping, with other projects out of the way now, that I'll be able to get that completed before the October 1 deadline. I just need my body to cooperate!

I'll be linking up with the others participating in the RSC over at SoScrappy.


  1. That show a very productive week for you. Down here, firewood, trees felled, rounds cut, then the splitter worked full time, so no sewing at all.

  2. Love those bear paws, especially the one featuring the sugar skull! I still have hopes of seeing a red and white sampler quilt from you one day...

  3. Good progress on your reds. On the shoo fly blocks love the Bears, bugs and other oddities. I hope you will make your deadline in good health.

  4. I like your postage stamp stars Sue. What pattern do you use if any? - all the ones I see have more (and smaller) squares in the middle and I'm all for simplicity ;)

  5. Nice work! All your block additions look wonderful.

  6. I'm always happy to see stars! 8)
    You got a lot done - I hope your health cooperates so you can continue! Can't wait to see what you do with your medallion!

  7. I know each of these parts will become part of something wonderful!

  8. Great blocks! I'm already trying to decide what I'll do for RSC17, and I may go with your star blocks. How many do you usually make each month?

  9. I too would like to know the answer to sunny's question. I did the challenge this year but just followed the recommended block of the month with the color. Next year I hope to do a bear paw quilt with batiks in the colors of the RSC.
    Your posts are inspirational.


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