Saturday, September 10, 2016

Not So Scrappy Saturday

I haven't checked in with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in quite a while. I made a couple of mostly purple stars in August but had a hard time coming up with true scraps in the palette for that month. It's looking like the red and gold palette for September is pretty skimpy in my scrap stash too. It must be time to make some new scraps!

When I went looking for a strip for my Diary Quilt to mark the passing of Hugh O'Brian ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" among other acting gigs and philanthropic work) I found two red prints that were pretty small. I've spent the day cutting them up and making an assortment of blocks.

I've continued to make the 6" shoo-fly blocks out of scrap patches, just not always in the RSC colors. There haven't been very many ships in the last several weeks either so it was fun to be able to make this one.

I've always admired two color quilts, and a red and white one has been on my bucket list for years. I've never been able to settle on a block pattern however. There are so many good options! After browsing on the internet this morning I decided to start making bear paw units.

These units will finish at six inches.
It will be interesting to see whether I can keep making red and white paws or whether other colors will start to creep in. This seems to be the time of year when I shift from whatever block I've been making in conjunction with the RSC to a different one. ;- )

On another front, I've cut white with black squares and pink strips for 35 Patience Corner blocks to be assembled between seams or whenever I need to just sit and sew.

To see what others are doing with their scraps click on over to So Scrappy's blog. There's quite a variety to be seen!


  1. Have you seen the bear paw sewalong going on? It's a bear paw quilt with an actual bear - very cute.
    I need to dig through my reds and get to piecing blocks! I've been busy playing with my medallions, since I'll be away from my stash for a few weeks.

  2. I like your four blocks, especially the shoofly block. I, too, have been thinking about a red and white quilt but haven't committed to it for a similar reason to yours: which block pattern to use. I keep telling myself that a red and white one patch always looks great when finished, but.... Maybe one of these days I'll decide the perfect pattern for red and white.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  3. They are all lovely, but your wee ship is superb.

  4. I love red and white quilts too, and was very sad I couldn't make the exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory in 2011. Every so often I go to this video for a little fix!

    The bear paw blocks are among my favourites, along with the ilttle boats :-)

  5. Great looking blocks! Using Bear's Paw for a red & white quilt should be fun - especially when you throw in a few fussy-cut blocks like the pictured ones!

  6. Good luck sticking to plan and making a red and white quilt. It will look amazing.
    But I know it can be difficult to stick to a colour scheme. Years ago, I started making a blue and white quilt that along the way morphed into something pink and green. I still do not know how that happened!

  7. Sit and sew --- one seam at a time. Red and white is a good combo - have fun with it!

  8. What a cute sail boat. Sometimes it is nice to have a simple job to work on as in-between.

  9. The boat, as always, is ready to sail with the best of them. The bear paws in red what looks like bandana prints, a cute idea for a camping theme. Keep up the good work!

  10. Those all look great! I especially love the patience blocks ready to sew.


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