Friday, September 16, 2016

Patience in My Corner

My brain has been working better this week (hurray! finally! whooppee!!!) so I've been trying to create the final borders for my Gwennie Inspired Liberated Medallion.

I tell you what, it's a good thing I had all those patches cut for Patience Corner blocks to sew between seams. I tried to do some intuitive piecing for the bottom border of my medallion but just didn't like the results. Kept myself awake half of one night trying to find better options for utilizing a particular print. I've done more reverse sewing than anything else this week- or so it feels. Consequently I've made much more progress on the Patience Corner blocks than anticipated.

This is the stack of strips and patches for 35 Patience Corner blocks.

This is a sampling of the 24 blocks I've assembled so far.

I wonder if the remaining eleven blocks will be enough to see me through to completion of my liberated medallion? Doubtful. I may have to start cutting up red prints for more bear paws!


  1. Now I am beyond curious about the "something fishy" border on your Gwenny medallion!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  2. The patience corners blocks look great. I feel your ripping pain. =) I hope that you find the way you are happy with that Gwennie border.

  3. Lovely blocks you've got there! You chose well for your betweens!
    I had a false start or two with my medallions, also. I decided I didn't have time to unsew anything, though, so I just dropped those bits and started over. Much happier now.

  4. Those Patience Corner blocks look suspiciously like a whole other quilt to me, so I'm keen to see how they integrate into your medallion quilt. And bring on the Bear Paws, one of my favourite pieced blocks.

  5. The pink blocks are fantastic. I love the combination of the bright pink with the different styles of black on white in the middle. I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Keep quilting!!

  6. Sometimes it is sensible to take a break from one project and work on something else while you figure out what to do next. The pink looks great!


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