Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Working Under the Influence

Apparently there's a respiratory bug going around. My son was so kind as to bring it home with him. At first I thought I would be able to avoid succumbing. Wrong! And what have I learned since then? One shouldn't make color decisions under the influence of a cold.

I was desperate to do something fun, in spite of having to blow my nose every ten seconds. I had background patches already cut for the rest of my batik and hand-dye sawtooth stars so I figured it would be simple enough to fill them in. It was fun while I was making them but the next day there were a couple that sort of stuck out in a bad way.

Can you pick out the ones I have issues with?

This is the worst offender:

It may not be obvious in the picture but the star points are too much brighter than the center for my taste. Fortunately I have enough of the brown batik leftover to make a few more blocks if I want to. Don't you think the new blue and purple star looks better?

Now the question is whether I can live with the one in the lower right corner. I think I can, but I'll wait to see how it looks with the other blocks...


  1. And I thought it might be the inner one on the lowest row, the centre a lot darker? Lovely stars. And, get better soon.

  2. It was a surprise when you said which one bothered you - I thought it was going to be the cream one and the one second from bottom right. I thought it was those because in the cream one there's almost no contrast in the central square block, and the other one because the centre is so dark it almost appears solid. It just goes to show that photos often don't give the true story, and those two look OK in real life!
    I hope you'll be feeling better very soon.

  3. I struggle with color all the time. My problem is the one on the very right of third row - it's center read almost solid to me. See what I mean?

  4. Only one stuck out to me and it wasn't either that you mentioned. The mostly cream one stuck out because the contrast was so much more than any of the others. (You asked.)

  5. No color decisions until the cold has been gone for a week... 8)

    The blocks are looking great from here!

  6. I didn't pick that one out either but, once you substituted the more subtle one, I could understand your original dilemma. However, now that others have pointed it out, the cream one does stand out because of the apparent lack of contrast in the centre (although that may be just how it appears on the screen). Have fun!

  7. I would wait too. You never know how sometimes it all works out.

  8. We all sure do have different impressions, probably because of the photo quality. And it will depend on the placement of these around the,border of the pale background group. I usually try the 'step back and squint' test myself. Good start. Have fun with it, that is what counts!

  9. I also thought it would be the cream block. I try not to sew when I'm tired or not feeling well, it usually gives me more trouble than it's worth. It can be difficult though to resist the urge...


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