Sunday, October 25, 2015

Scrappy Stars from June to October

We have been fortunate in this household that the cold our son brought in hasn't been terribly virulent. When I started to feel more like myself again I put my light batik and hand-dye stars back on the design wall. Eventually they ended up in these positions:

These are the stars that were inspired by the packet of hand-dyed fabrics I won in June. They are 8" finished, so at this stage the top would have been 40" x 56." Here are the brown background stars I made to make the top bigger:

You may have noticed that the top row isn't in place. I have blocks set aside for that and am hoping they will look good when I finally shift everything downward. Two of the stars I showed in my last post have been remade. I just couldn't live with them the way they were. Now I'm not even sure which two stars they were! 

These blocks have been on the design wall for several days now. Tweaks have been made to block placement during that time. For example, the dark star in the center right column below had to be taken out.

I replaced it with one from somewhere else in the border.

Actually, I think the two stars I changed are the bottom two you see on the left in the photo below.

The lavender one had lavender points, making it very dark and low contrast, and the one below it had the garish turquoise points. I put the lavender points on the 16 Patch and cut new, lighter points for the lavender star. Much better - at least to my eyes. :- )

Now I have the top arranged thus:

The block that goes in the corner is on the floor. There's nothing to pin it to in that spot!

I hope to get this sewn together early this week. We've had to do some serious moving of furniture and junk in the house or I'd have it done already. Hopefully I'll be able to show you why things had to be rearranged very soon. :- )

I'm linking up (at the tail end again!) with the other RSC bloggers over here.


  1. Oh, I really like this! Those dark background stars are really making everything pop. It's gorgeous!

  2. OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE what changing the background fabric did to make a faux border for your quilt. That is a slick trick that I am going to have to try for myself!!

  3. I thimk your stars are wonderful!!!!

  4. Looking good! Sometimes you really do have to live with the blocks for a while before you really 'see' them and realise where changes are needed. It's definitely better now.

  5. I like the brown background stars to frame out the quilt. So close to a finished flimsy. Isn't it exciting?

  6. This is going to be a stunning quilt Sue. I like your new colour arrangement.

  7. sorry if you get this account posting at times is very challenging...enjoyed your process of deciding which star blocks went where and how you were willing to remake blocks that looked more pleasing to your eye. well done!

  8. those brown background blocks are stunning Sue, they make your whole top just pop! Enjoyed reading your process and progress.

  9. Love this quilt top. MOST excellent idea for the border!

  10. It looks wonderful. I love the dark outer border around the lighter squares. That was inspired. I'm glad you're feeling better!


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