Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Joke, A New Project!

Regular readers know about my overflowing Parts Department. I recently decided to try to do something about the overabundance of scrappy six inch blocks. I was inspired in part by the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This year Angela has been giving tutorials for sampler blocks to fit within 12" Sawtooth Star blocks in the color of the month. Why not do the same with my Parts Dept. blocks? For that matter, why not try to use up a color from my stash that I'm no longer so in love with as I once was?

Right now I don't remember which was pulled first, the blocks or the rusty color, but I ended up with a dozen blocks to begin with. Pretty soon I had three stars:

This one began as a Broken Dishes block:

And in this one I simply used a whole cloth square in the middle because the print was so large and strong on its own. Had to make a substitution when it came to the star points though!

With the inclusion of the ships in this star...

I decided that this needed to become a quilt for a boy in foster care. That means it won't have to be as big as the other comfort quilts I've been making and I'll be able to move on to another set of blocks that much sooner!


  1. I like your outside the square thinking Sue, what a great way to use your spare parts and end up with a quilt to donate. Lots of ideas here too for F2F shares. (trying to write words without 3rd letter of alphabet, this key's not working)

  2. I definitely like how you are using up your material. Great job!


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