Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What If...?

With the first two rows of my Halloween quilt complete this is what I had on the design wall:

The best question I've found to ask myself when designing a quilt this way is "What if...?"

What if I arranged the bigger blocks this way instead?

That spreads the green out a bit across the surface of the quilt top. So if I leave it like that how will I fill out that upper row? I need some more big blocks...

I found several little 4-patch units in my bag of Halloween bits and blocks. Those often go in the corners of more complex blocks... Let's see, what if I do this?

Well, I'm not crazy about the lack of contrast between the candy corn rectangles and the central 4-patch unit but it'll do.

I had some charm squares from a swap in my bag too. I turned a couple of those into square-in-a-square blocks and then made a couple more out of prints from my stash. A giant spider web (that glows in the dark!) and the row was complete.

That was quite fun! At the end of that day my desgin wall looked like this:

Two more rows to go. :- )


  1. Really like the new layout and watching your process!

  2. I love your halloween quilt....and the way you placed your framed blocks makes sense. I am not fortunate to have Gwen's first liberated quilting book, but have the new one along with the collaborative quilting books.

    This September my sisinlaw and I are attending the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat for the first time. Had Gwen and Freddy as teachers a couple of years ago and wanted more!

    I have a blog and am hosting a fabric giveaway today, so if you want to drop by, y'all are welcome!


  3. What a fun quilt. I really like your top row with all that wonderful green.

  4. Great, great fun. We have Christmas in July, I think you started Halloween in July...and you know what..just about the right amount of time! Love your design wall!


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