Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Macabre

I've sort of been trolling for the next quilt project to focus my attention on. Apparently I'm not quite ready to commit to other ideas I've had, although one of them could be handled as a Between Seams project (basically leaders and enders). Then yesterday I found myself reorganizing and cleaning up my bookmarked online sites. In the process I learned that Margaret's Hope Chest needs child's quilts for fall give aways and the IBOL Guy is collecting packages again to distribute in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I haven't pulled anything for a Bundle of Love yet but I did pull a bunch of my cuter Halloween prints for a child's quilt.

This is the hole they left on my stash shelves. You may notice, if you look carefully, that there are still prints in Halloween colors and lots of skeleton prints I left behind. The skeletons and the pirate prints tend to run together...

The hole doesn't look that big in the picture but what you didn't see was how crowded that shelf was before I started pulling things off!

The next thing I did was to paw through my orphan blocks to see what might fit into this quilt. I found a 12" block, one that will finish at 11," some rectangular blocks from a swap that measure around 9 x 15" and some fussy cut panels.

And then I found this block all by its lonesome. It would finish at 10.5" the way it is now.

I'm currently thinking of building a horizontal strippy quilt. A couple of the pieces I pulled from the stash are wide stripe prints that I could use as sashing between rows of blocks. We're shooting for a 40" x 60" quilt. Unfortunately, the stripe prints are not quite that wide so I'll have to figure something out when I get to that point. This whole plan may fall apart or morph into something else long before then anyway! I'm just pleased I've finally found something that has me intrigued enough to begin playing. ;- )

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  1. I read that same post about them needing more finished quilts for fall. And I'm wondering if I should try to fit it into my getting ready to move schedule. I probably sew enough each day to more than finish up a quilt if it were all for one quilt, LOL. But having to plan and then stay on task is a much bigger challenge. I have a Halloween "bricks" nearly all pieced. Maybe that would be a good one for MHC. I also owe an Oct. birthday quilt, and a set of blocks for August. So delighted your interest was stirred. Big hugs, Finn


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