Sunday, June 12, 2011


I found an unexpected envelope in the mailbox the other day.

The thoughtful and generous QuiltDivaJulie sent me scraps from her "Waiting for the Mail" flimsy.The envelope was hard and rigid so I didn't expect it to be fabric!

Turns out she had vacuumed packed the scraps. That did a really good job of keeping them neat and tidy.

I couldn't...
for any thing better!

Now I have ideas for a word/text quilt of my own percolating in the brainpan. I already have a title for it too. That's rare for me. Yesterday I dropped a chunk of change over at to further add to this particular section of my stash. Before I go any further I need to pull the text prints I already own out of their color stacks just to make sure I don't go overboard!

In the meantime, I did manage to make that constructed stripe block bigger. I had enough to make a second, half-size, block as well.

And some more blocks out of scraps:

I'm a little embarrassed that after all this time I'm only just now figuring out that the Snowball block and the Shoo Fly block use exactly the same patches in the same number, just a different configuration. Sheesh!


  1. Lucky you! Isn't Julie a sweetie.

  2. Happy that the scraps have encouraged your own text quilt ...

    I never thought about the two blocks having the same pieces and parts either!

  3. Great idea for a text fabric quilt. I'd like to do one of those myself someday.


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