Saturday, January 29, 2011

Up and Down

It has been another of those challenging weeks for me. I think winter is more difficult partly because I can't use the recirculating feature in my car's air conditioning system when I have to use the defrost setting. Since I refuse to be completely homebound more of the exhaust fumes from other vehicles get into my car when I do go out and about. Exhaust fumes are a huge trigger for me. I can't handle anything with a petroleum base to it. I've resorted to wearing my mask in the car while I'm driving but sometimes my glasses get fogged up. And then they won't clear unless I take the mask off. Can you say vicious cycle?

While I was working on my Bead Journal Project for this month I discovered that I needed time to let the thing sit so I could come back to it with fresh eyes. I wasn't ready to turn away from beading altogether though. Back in December I had an idea for my December ornament for last year's Project; I'd just never acted on it. So inbetween stints on the ATC for January I cut out the foundation and fabric for December. The actual embellishment didn't take very long.

I started with the feather, then added the 'hope' bead, then filled in with the star sequins. I was thinking of the Emily Dickinson quote, "Hope is that thing with feathers..." (in case you hadn't guessed!). My experience of the end of one year and the beginning of a new one make me see it as a time full of hope.

This ornament turned out pretty much the way I had envisioned it. That's satisfying. It was also satisfying to have it done so quickly. Now there's only one gap in my collection for 2010 (the month of June, my birth month).

After I finished the January ATC and the December ornament I still wasn't ready to put the beads away. A Creative Dreamer's Creativity Challenge for January is "white." I've thought about several ways I could respond to that challenge. Needing something to bead I decided to get out the white and irridescent beads to see what would develop.

Once this is completed I may be ready to turn back to my fabric stash. I've got Janet's intuition block on my design wall, patiently waiting for me to come play with her. I've also got a gift quilt I'd like to make. I'm still looking for the right pattern or design for that one though. In the meantime you may want to keep an eye on the Magpie's Nest to see what I do with this bit of white beadwork. ;- )


  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Just perfect, imho. Simple but profound.

    I like your whitework project too. Very elegant.

    Your "imagine" beadwork is super too. I love it displayed on the little easel.

    You've really been inspired lately, in spite of your exposures. Sorry to hear that you haven't felt well. That's really a bummer. But look what you've accomplished! Yay!

  2. This is really lovely. The white beading on the white background really says winter to me, and the contrast against the background is very nice.

    I also like your feather piece. The saying is perfect.


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