Saturday, January 15, 2011


When I found that picture of the back cover of my sketchbook (for the Sketchbook Project) I realized how much further I'd come since that photo was taken. Here's a picture of the final version of my sketchbook:

With that done and gone it was time to turn my attention to another project. I'm not quite ready to tackle the next step of my Intuition quilt so I thought I'd have a go at another block built intuitively to send to Janet for our intuition swap. I had a short stack of bright scrappy blocks I'd made a few months ago. This seemed like a good time to bring them out and see what I could do with them. None of them were anywhere near 12" yet. I sewed a few together and came up with this:

Still not 12" but a lot closer! None of the other units seemed to work well together so I figured it was time to start some new pieces. I got into the itty-bitty scraps bin and sewed odd triangles together.

What surprised me was that this began to feel like a chore to me. Now I realize that I was probably thinking too hard about what to put where. But what I did was switch projects instead.

In my stash there was also a bunch of neutral scraps that I had sewn together at some point in time. I got those out to see what would happen with them. Mostly I only had two or three pieces sewn together when I began, like what you see at the top of the picture below.

I started combining the small units into bigger units. I also let myself sew some into long strips:

I have no idea at this point what this may turn into. I may put it all away again and do some beading instead. I don't want to send neutrals to Janet because I know she likes bright colors.

I'm feeling unsettled, dissatisfied. I suspect I may still be recovering from a toxic exposure. It's very challenging when you don't even realize you've been exposed - often I can't detect the fumes that are going to make me ill - and then suddenly you realize that you're experiencing symptoms of exposure. At least now I know to go back and track my actions. There is some comfort in discovering that there probably was a toxic event that would account for the downturn in my well being. I just wish I could find the trick for making it go away faster!


  1. These are both very dynamic compositions, though neither exactly fit your needs at the moment.

    I hope you feel better soon. It's hard to feel a sense of accomplishment about anything when you don't feel well.

  2. Sewing scraps may be just what you need as you work through the unsettled stage. I find my intuitive stitching is less inhibited when I allow myself to just let it go (which is easier when I'm not clearly focused).

    Also helps when I lower my expectations a bit ... plenty of time for that later.

  3. Oh Sue, another go? Hope it's over quickly and you can dance along again.
    The scrap play is suppose to be fun. Good job of realizing you were't at peak. I like the brights, but they don't seem as connected as you would expect. I like what is happening with the others though. That could turn into a whole orphan block top just from those bits! Hugs, Finn


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