Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Imagine January's Bead Journal Project Being Done!

This is where I was when I left you on Friday with my Bead Journal Project for January 2011.

I mentioned that I felt it needed some additional beading around the perimeter. I worked on it off and on Saturday and ended up with this:

Our delightful little independent art supply store has had miniature easels in stock for folks making and collecting Artist Trading Cards (which is the size of my finished pieces). They are available in a natural finish (wouldn't it be fun to paint your own?) and black. I bought the last two that were painted black.

I love the way the easel sets off my beadwork. :- )

Because they're so small I can tuck a little beaded treasure on almost any bookcase or shelf in the house. I'm excited about this year of beading!


  1. I love the unique look of your piece! I've seen a lot of encrusted pieces (not counting your borders ;) but none quite like this. I want to call it "chunky-encrusted". I also love your little easels, what a great find!

  2. I just love this ! So original! Great job!

  3. How cute! That little easel is the perfect prop. I like that you didn't bead to the edges. Its like "imagine" is sluggled in a colorful cloud.
    Great piece!!

  4. Oh my goodness - YES!!!!!!!

    Fabulous way to showcase your work ... LOVE the little easels (need to look and see if anyone here has something like them - I might just make a few ATCs if I had a way to "use" them)

  5. Perfect! The easel is excellent - really shows off your beautiful piece-I couldn't think of any better way to display them. What fun it will be to watch your 'collection' grow!

    I love the beaded 'eye' up in the left corner next to the star. such fun ;)

  6. Love this! It's so happy and whimsical. The easel is fantastic... would it be about Barbie sized, by any chance? Got your card, by the by. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Hugs

  7. Love the them and the beads you have chosen to go with - they really suit each other! And the little easel stand is cuuuuute!

  8. Oh goodness, if I had seen your "Imagine" and read the last sentence of your post BEFORE starting my January piece, I would have copied your idea... easel and ATC size. WOW! I love it.

    And even more, I love what you did with the word imagine, a word that I love.... You captured the spirit of it entirely. Bravo!

    Robin A.


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