Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Housing Project

I worked on my Intuition Quilt for a couple of days straight then had to take a break. I've got three sections in process.

They're much farther along than this now but this was the picture that was handy.

Yesterday there was a squishy envelope in the mailbox. It was from Beth. Happy, happy, happy! The blocks from the Cyber Neighborhood give away!

Every last one is wonderful in its' own way. It took me just a bit to figure out where the house was in the last block (lower right corner). Teepees! That's going to be fun to play with.

My first thought was to put all the blocks together into one quilt top. Now I'm not so sure. Each one could be developed into a quilt of it's own. And somewhere in the depths of my studio closet there's a collection of houses and buildings from my first ever friendship quilt. When I received them I hadn't a clue how to go about setting them. I have more experience under my belt now. This may be the year they come out of the closet and get sewn into a top. And I might just include a couple of blocks from my new cyber friends! (Or maybe all of them!)

Someone, I forget who, sent Beth these little patches to share as she saw fit. There must have been enough to go all the way around because I got one of them along with the houses.

Check out the face on the gable!

Rather than keeping this for myself I may include it on one of the final pages of my Sketchbook Project. This is going to be completed and put in the mail just under the postmark deadline.

It's been fun to work on. I've learned that I really enjoy using chalk pastels and blending colors. I would still rather work with a needle on fabric though. This project has also awakened the creative writer in me. I composed several haiku to accompany the visuals in the sketchbook. Right now I couldn't say whether I'll do this again. It was fun but it was also sort of distracting; it kept me from working as much on things I would rather work on. I keep hoping that one of these days I'll find myself with more energy or more discipline or something that will make it possible for me to get twice as much done as I do currently. ;- )


  1. Love all those houses. Whatever you do with them I'm sure it will be fun and fantastic!

  2. Lucky you to win all those houses! Those will be fun to play with. I got my little house in the mail today, so I get to play too.

    I'm with you on hoping that I'll find more energy or focus that will let me get more done too. I seem to be having trouble with those same issues. When you find an answer, will you let me know??

  3. HI!

    I just came from June's blog and i wanted to tell you how wonderful your piece is for the Creativity Prompt of Home! Just love it. It has a log cabiny feel to it. And the colors Perfect! So wonderful that you donate it.

  4. Re the photo of your sketchbook ... how did you attach your fabric bits to the pages?

    Have fun with the houses ... SO many ideas there!

  5. So nice that you won! Your three houses are great - love 'em! I sent one, too - don't know where it landed. Have fun, and thanks for sharing!


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