Thursday, January 13, 2011

Movin' On

I think my Sketchbook Project is complete. Originally I was going to continue the drawn "crazy quilt" onto the front cover from the backside. (You can see the beginning of that process in this post.) With so little time left before the postmark deadline I realized that wasn't going to happen. I thought seriously about trying to cover the front with pieced fabric. In the end I wasn't willing to put that much effort into it and I was worried about the actual act of sewing through that cardboard cover. Most of my book is comprised of collaged magazine clippings - which is ironic given that I can tolerate so few magazines anymore. Anyway, I had this image of an antique applique quilt left over and the colors were right so I just slapped it onto the front cover of my Sketchbook. It's completely covered with packing tape.

I'm pleased with the way it looks. Oh, and here's one of the inside spreads that I thought the quilters in my audience would appreciate:

"She stitched her fingers to the bone..."

Once I had all the scraps and bits and pieces from the Sketchbook Project cleaned up I took the house blocks off the design wall and put my Intuition Quilt sections back up. Then just for grins I put a couple of the house blocks up with them. Since the little house patch didn't make it into or onto the cover of my Sketchbook I added it to the mix on the design wall too.

There are definite possibilities here!

Let's try another configuration...

Yup, I like that too.

And what about this?

It just gets better and better!

A lot of what you see on the wall isn't sewn together - hardly any of it in fact. I expect the houses will get moved around more, maybe chopped down some. I might have to make a few decisions about the size and shape I'd like this quilt to take before I go too much further. For now though I think I'll just try to make some more compensating bits and strips. "Make more fabric," as Victoria would say. And I have to start another Intuition Block to send to Janet since I've firmly decided to keep this one!


  1. WHAT FUN! Love the possibilities on your design wall!

    Re sketchbook - wish I could sit and look at your book and some of the others...

  2. I love all those possibilities!! The house made of Hope Valley scraps is one that I made. It's so fun to see you playing around with it!!


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