Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What To Do Next?

Today I finished tying my Halloween quilt. I'm waiting for binding fabric to arrive from Paducah, Kentucky. Couldn't find any black Moda marble around here anywhere! Of course I didn't just buy black... If I remember correctly there's also some blue, purple, maybe a red or pink... and a couple of pieces that are not marble prints at all. (Don't tell me you're surprised by this revelation.)

I also gave away the crazy baby quilt today. I'll hold onto the Gizzy Quilt for a while longer; I may make a second one to donate. They're so fast! It's really very gratifying.

So with three quilts essentially done I'm left with this months' Take It Further Challenge to contemplate (that will be another post another day), two journal quilts I could embellish... the wonky heart quilt to hand stitch (why can I not think of that as hand quilting?!)... and any number of other old UFO's I could tackle. I seem to be in a machine piecing mood rather than an embellishing mood at the moment. At the end of the month I'll be starting another of Sharon Boggon's online classes through Joggles.com. The class is Sumptuous Surfaces. That will force me back into the handwork! But it also provides a sort of deadline for any machine-made quilts I want to get done. So, what will I tackle next?


Maybe I'll make a chart of all the potential projects, pin it up, and throw a dart.


  1. you know im on a machine piecing kick at the moment too - mainly becuase I have stalled on everything else I am doing! you have inspired me with your fungly quilts (i followed your links to Tonyas) Im not making funglys yet - i cant quite bring myself to make the colour combos, but soon, with the scraps....

  2. My list is growing longer by the day. I've really got to lock the sewing machine away and concentrate on hand quilting. I get an idea and the fingers itch to start it. The sewing table is covered in piles of "what if" fabric and I can't seem to stop!


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