Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Here's the 'after' shot of my new flower bed:

Once I had the whole corner churned up and my plants set out in their prospective places I decided to also move one of the salvias to balance the whole composition. We've had cooler temperatures and rain since the plants went in. Today is sunny again and they look like they've overcome their transplant shock nicely. I can't tell you how happy it made me to complete this little project! Of course the last day I worked on it was Saturday, and neighbors were out mowing their yards, etc. In the end I had to pay a price for being outside without my mask on but it was worth it. And I've been other places since then where I've suffered minor exposures as well so no sewing has happened yet.

I picked up the newest issue of Quilter's Home yesterday. I buy it at a store rather than subscribing so I can get a copy that has been off-gassing in a public space rather than shipped straight from the printer to my home in a plastic bag. I only looked through it, reading just a few pages before going to bed last night, but I woke up in the middle of the night with quilts on my mind. I had to turn on my bedside flashlight to make some notes in my travel journal before I could even try to get back to sleep. It wasn't the direct result of anything I'd seen in the magazine but something must have clicked. All I need now is the energy to act on one or more of those ideas...

One of the reasons I like Quilter's Home so much is expressed perfectly by one of the letters to the editor in this issue. The writer is responding to comments by other readers who complained that there wasn't more "quilting" content in the magazine. Chris Clark of Muscatine, Iowa says, "This is not a quilting magazine; it is a quilter's magazine. It is not a magazine about quilting; it is a magazine for quilters and things that interest them, whatever that may be." This magazine provides for me the sort of contact or interaction with other quilters that I don't get anymore because I can't (won't) attend quilt guild meetings. I find quilt lists or message boards on the internet overwhelming. Blog hopping is how I get my fix for "Show and Tell." Quilter's Home fills in other gaps. I have to say I was relieved that this November/December issue was not filled with Christmas/winter holiday quilt projects. And I am looking forward to learning a little about text messages ;- )

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  1. i get me fix from blogs more than mags too. I think though the mag you speak of is more to my liking...


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