Thursday, October 2, 2008

What A Day!

I can hardly believe it - I finished two quilts today!

I should back up a bit and let you know that I started feeling better yesterday. Yee haw! I got out the baby crazy quilt (about half way down in this post) and finally quilted it. I also went out and bought binding fabric for it; nothing in my stash would work. (That's pretty amazing when you see the extent of my stash.) I washed the fabric and made the binding before I went to bed and then I applied it to the quilt this morning. That was enough to get me in the mood, so I quilted the Gizzy quilt for the Humane Society auction in November, made a binding for it and put that binding on as well. Still had time and energy left to spare (and the Vice Presidential debate to listen to) so I started sewing the bindings down. Before I knew it I had both quilts DONE!!! I can show you the Gizzy quilt but it was too dark to get a picture of the crazy quilt in its' finished state. Rest assured that I will!

I downloaded Picasa and have run this picture of the Gizzy quilt through it. We'll see if it enlarges the way it's supposed to. (I'm still not confident in my use of the program. There's always an adjustment period.) I've also used the 'large' setting when uploading the photo onto my blog. Just following in my mentor's footsteps ;- )

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