Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's the Story?

This particular story is about my postcard quilt for June's Take It Further challenge.

The challenge was to "think about stories that are and stories that are possible." That really threw me for a loop because there seemed to be so much to choose from. Sharon came up with the challenge based on her ruminations about our stashes. My stash includes everything from vintage fabrics to new prints and a variety of embellishments to boot.

I thought I was going to use an assortment of fabrics, even some vintage ones perhaps. But in the end I used only one print, and I used it because one tiny image in the print sparked a question in my own mind.

Do you see the little sign in front of the farmhouse? It says "Farm for Sale." I saw that and wondered what the story might be behind that sign. Why is the farm for sale? It looks to me like the print was designed to represent the Great Depression of the 1930's but I didn't really want to focus on that specifically. Besides, the farmhouse in the print wouldn't fit in my 4" x 6" format. So I cut and pieced bits of the print until I felt I had a cohesive whole. There are actually seven patches in this little postcard quilt.

Once I had it pieced I did some embroidery to highlight specific features.

I would have preferred to have had the farmhouse in the picture, but I did the best I could with what I had. Overall I'm pleased with it, and I used some embroidery stitches I haven't used in a long time, thereby taking it further!


  1. This is a great idea - a goiod way to interpret the challenge. I have some similar printed fabric - Ive never thought of cutting it up and rearranging it like this- I'll look at it with fresh eyes now.

  2. Great story, great piece... I've heard the addage "of selling the farm".. wow, you've got it in fabric! We'll be "selling the farm" to buy petrol soon LOL !!

  3. I love this, both the story and the interpretation of the challenge. You made such a pleasing collage and told the story in the process. Connie

  4. isn't it amazing how we all interpret things.great interpretation of the June challenge.

  5. Not seeing the farm gives it an air of mystrey, another story.

  6. Very nice TIF, I'm still at a loss with mine, but I will look at it a little differently now.

  7. This seems like a difficult challenge (of course, that's what real challenges are). You did a good job of rearranging the story from what it seemed to whatever you could imagine.


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