Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Q4L Blocks and June's Take It Further Challenge

Woohoo! I feel good again! No headache, I have energy and enthusiasm... I feel normal for the first time in days! Hallelujah! (Now if I can just keep from screwing it up somehow.)

Yesterday I made four of these log cabin style tulip blocks to donate to Quilts 4 Leukaemia:

So now I have an even dozen to put in the mail. Here are a few more of the maverick blocks I pieced over the weekend:

I hope they won't be too hard for Clare to incorporate into one or more quilts.

I've put the red and white scraps away so I can now turn my attention back to the unfinished journal quilts and May's Take It Further postcard quilt. The TIF challenge for June has been posted too. This month the idea to think about is stories that are and stories that are possible.

This came about as a result of Sharon's musings on the types and the extent of 'stash' that we have in this day and age: "They are either purchased or scavenged materials that have accumulated over time and as such they often have a story to tell. Or it is possibly more correct to say that stashes are full of stories. The interesting thing for textile practitoners is that these materials can take on another story. They can be made into something new and take on other meanings in someones life.

Stashes also act as signifiers of wealth. Not only is the obvious wealth of what the stash actually costs to have and house but there is the psychological wealth of a stash because a stash is full of possibilities. While material is uncut it is rich with possible uses. Once you have committed to using it the material moves from being something that is full of potential to a project."

My first thought was how expansive this topic is compared to the very specific challenges we've had previously. That almost makes it harder for me because there's so much to choose froom. "Stories that are and stories that are possible." Whew!

I have both new and vintage or recycled materials in my stash(es). I am taken with the idea of using something that already has a history to make a new thing, thus adding to that history. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the coming weeks.


  1. It's fun to see the fabrics people use in their pieces. I have that strawberry print except the background is yellow instead of white. I only come across a fabric like I have in my stash once in a great while.

    Your squares came out nice. Sometimes it's fun to work in a color group and then change it for another session.

  2. Those squares are lovely and I'm sure Clare will love them :0). I also know just what you mean about having several projects going at once. My problem is that my ongoing projects are taking up valuable storage room -- time to get a few of them out of the way :0).

  3. I love the "love" fabric. Where did you get it? It would be ideal for the sashings on the quilts.

  4. Love these unconventional blocks and the VIVID colors!yfebg

  5. After reading the stash quote, I don't feel so guilty! It's for possibilities!!

    Carol B

  6. this latest tif is the hardest one I've done mind just can't jell on it!

    there'e a meme going around and I've tagged you on my blog...hope you're feeling up to "playing"...;)


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