Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look What I Won!

Freebird did a give-away to celebrate her first year of blogging. Look what I won!

The teacup itself is not quite as pink in person. More of a pale peach. The whole thing is just about 3" across. She put a strong magnet on the back so I can display it on my refrigerator. Like this:

Our refrigerator is configured with the freezer compartment on top. The freezer door is almost covered with cartoons I've clipped from the newspaper. Every six months or so I edit them, adding newer strips and taking down those we seem to have "outgrown." The lower door, which is larger, has some magnets on it but I try to keep the papers confined to the upper door. That way it's okay for the granddaughters to play with the magnets they can reach. You'll notice that Freebird's magnet is up at the tippy-top :- ) I cropped the photo so you wouldn't see the dust bunnies that live on top of the fridge!

While I had the camera out I took a picture of that box of stash stuff that recently came in from the garage.

Orphan blocks, fabrics from the projects I was working on when we moved, a basket of scraps ... It's exciting to find these things but also a little intimidating. Now I have to find someplace to put them!

The Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks were made by a friend of mine many years ago. That parrot is actually a little zippered bag. There are Guatemalen fabrics in this box, along with some fun polka dot prints that I don't think I'll be able to work with anymore because of the finish on them. There were some feedsacks in there too. Oy, so many projects! How realistic is it to think that I'll ever make even half of what I had planned? Not very, I'm afraid. But I'm not sure I'm ready to be all that realistic yet. One thing at a time ;- )

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  1. Hey, that looks great on your fridge! I'm glad you like it.

    I took pics of my grandmother's quilt. I'll post it on my blog tomorrow. It's a wedding ring pattern too.


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