Monday, June 9, 2008

She Who Hesitates Gets Tagged Twice!

Beadbabe tagged me to do a meme late last week. Only a few days later I got tagged again by Hilhne! I have five things to reveal to you:

What was I doing 10 years ago? This was actually the hardest of the questions to answer. I don't have the kind of memory that retains that kind of information. I had to go back through calendars and journals to get a feel for what was going on in my life at that time! What I found out was that my two of my three children were in middle school, the third in his final years of elementary school. So I was busy with everything that goes with having three school-age children. But I was also involved in a new cloth dollmaking club that a friend and I started in the area, and two quilt guilds. I sold a few of my creations at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays. I worked in a local fabric store too (part time). My husband was finishing up his Associate's Degree at the community college.

Five things on my To Do list today:
1. take a shower (before I do anything else!)
2. call to make an appointment to have my hair cut (There's a gal who comes to my house to do that for me. I can no longer tolerate a beauty parlor.)
3. get more of the beads I want to use in the background of my May journal quilt
4. stop at the organic food market for this week's groceries
5. pay the bills :- (

Snacks that I enjoy include Kashi TLC original 7 grain crackers, organic blueberries and almonds, and Endangered Species extreme dark chocolate bars.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire... DH and I have fantasized about this many times. We want acreage, preferably on the coast somewhere (tsunamis be damned!). In addition to the house we would have at least one outbuilding. It would house his home theater, photography studio, and all of his other interests. My studio would be in the house and be larger than what I currently have. Obviously I would have any and all of the supplies I wanted! The grounds would be maintained organically and we would probably grow a lot of our own food (with the assistance of real gardeners!). Then there's the whole making sure the kids have what they need and all that. If it were possible for me to travel I would also have a home in the sunbelt somewhere so I'd have a place to run away to when the cloud cover became unbearable (like now).

Now for the list of places I've lived.
In Michigan: Pontiac, East Lansing, Detroit, Lansing.
In Ohio: Cedarville, Xenia, Dayton.
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
In Texas: Wichita Falls (although when we got there it was right after a tornado and the locals were calling it Wichita Flats), Lubbock, Abilene, Houston, Richmond.
And finally under the blanket in Skagit Valley, Washington.

Now it's my turn to tag a few other folks. Let's see.... how about

All you have to do is answer these five questions and then tag 4-6 more people to play along! Make sure to leave them a comment or message that they've been tagged ;- )


  1. wow, I knew you were new to washington but didn't realize you'd arrived there from waaaaay warmer, sunnier climes!
    (although, I suppose michigan wasn't too warm in the winter either, lol!)

  2. It's lovely to read your meme ! I especially enjoyed your to-do list - sounds familiar ! lol

  3. We do have something in common! My memory doesn't work with time frames either. I only remembered what I was doing 10 years ago because it was a milestone in my dad's life - turning 80.

    Bigger studio - oh, yeah, wouldn't that be nice.

  4. Oh i love that I share a birthday with your dad! What a blessed day it was and is... I'm carrying my day a few more hours further...

    carrot cake for everyone! lol

    Thank you for stopping in to celebrate with me.

    happy day to you & your dad, Monica :):):)

  5. Good grief! I grew up in Abilene. My mother was born in Whichita Falls, and my grandmother lived there her whole life. She was there when the tornado hit, and Mother and I got there right before the barricades went up. YUK.


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