Saturday, June 7, 2008

Take It Further for May

So after I finished piecing the journal quilt page for April I decided I would tackle my Take It Further challenge piece for May. My most recent decision had been to use this postcard top I pieced in May, specifically for the challenge:

Just for kicks I went back through my tiny stash of previously pieced postcard tops. Look what I found:

Clear, bright colors... a witch sort of overlooking it all (Halloween is my favorite holiday)... sewn intuitively from scraps... this could work! It certainly shows how I'm working at the moment, in the hues I naturally gravitate to.

I started auditioning beads and buttons and before I knew it I had this:

Ta daa!

The challenge was "What do you call yourself and why?" I may not make 'fine art' but I do consider myself an artist first and foremost. When pressed I use the term textile artist because everything I do begins with a textile of some kind. This card demonstrates how I use my medium of choice.

I guess the way I see it, I'm an artist because I do notice the small details (March's TIF challenge) and it matters to me that they be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. I may see things a little differently from other people or I may notice things that others might miss. I definitely enjoy creating a little story or vignette. I have practiced my craft and sought out skills and knowledge that enhance the creative decisions I make and allow me to express myself in a unique way.

Now I'm thinking that the postcard I pieced for May might actually work for June's challenge...!


  1. I love those fabrics. You have such a great variety in your stash.

  2. Hello Sue, I have accepted Beadbabe's tag, and naturally thought of tagging you :o)

    Hope you will agree to play !

    Kind regards


  3. Wonderful. I love it! Is there an enlargement posted anywhere?


  4. Gotta love challenges. They cause us to stretch our boundaries and attempt the impossible. Thanks for sharing!

    Caron in Michigan

  5. It turned out great. The little dog looking up at the witch is super.

    I'm an artist and I don't notice the details. I just did a lesson in my art journal class where I drew a pole on our own street sign (private sign, not public) and I made it look like a two-by-four. When I walked by it I realized it was a solid metal,gray, round pole! Too late, my drawing has
    a white two-by-four! Details! LOL.


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