Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Mess With My Great Grandma!

So I found a copy of a picture of young Eva and her husband. Notice who's holding the gun.

Apparently Eva was not only a skilled needlewoman, she was also a crack shot!

We've had three consecutive days of sunshine so far. Whoopee! All the mothballed linens spent time outside and seem to be fragrance free now. In fact, they smell like they've been washed and dried on a line. I love that smell. If we had more dry days around here I'd be tempted to have a clothesline installed.

The beads I ordered for the background of my May journal quilt arrived. Because they were size 11 delicas I assumed they would be the same size as the size 11 seed beads I had on hand. Wrong! They are smaller. They are also a slightly different shape (all of this probably would not have been a surprise to a more experienced beader). I decided to use them anyway because that shape sits better on the surface of the quilt. Because they are smaller, however, I'm finding that I'm sewing them much closer together than I had originally intended. I may have to buy yet another tube of beads!

The beading is going more quickly than I thought it might. I'm trying to leave enough room around the perimeter of the piece to allow room for the presser foot of my sewing machine when I sew the binding on the quilt. I've run into problems with that in the past. That means that once I have the binding applied, but before I sew it down, I'll have to go back and add beads to fill in the gaps next to the binding.

Hopefully sometime during this process I'll come up with an actual title for this journal quilt.


  1. Eva looks like she has a wonderful story. What a neat photo to have!

  2. The delicas are smaller and they are more expensive too! They are looking great on your page though. I've had trouble getting around the beads with the sewing machine. If I had my old machine I would try using the zipper foot but the foot I have now is as wide as any other.

    That's a great picture of your grandmother. They had to be tough women back then!

  3. what a great photo - Eva is a character. your beading is looking really good.


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