Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who Said It Was Spring?

Look at this!

It isn't even snow; it's hail!

It's coming down like rain. Not like the normal Pacific Northwest rain though. We usually get drizzle or showers at most. This is coming down thick and fast, more like a Texas frog strangler.

Who ordered this stuff anyway?!


  1. Yep, we're getting this "snain" too. And it's COLD out there! My poor little geraniums are snug in the garage for a few more days, I guess. What's wrong with some Spring? I hope it doesn't take too much longer! Think happy thoughts - maybe that will help!

  2. So this is what is called global warming. More like global cooling! My hibiscus was coming out - tiny little green leaves - it's been blasted by a heavy frost.

  3. Hi Sue,
    I lucked upon your blog linked to the Comfort Doll Project. Your work is inspiring. I'm just starting with crazy quilting and loving the adventure so far. Seems like the online support is huge. I also live in Washington and can relate to your snowy photos although my friends down near Edmonds got a lot more of the thick stuff while we just had to bundle up! Still, happy that the rhodies and tulips are starting to bloom. I love the colors of spring.

  4. I love that third photo. Even though it's hail and sleety junk, it makes a cool photo.

  5. We had big fluffy snowflakes yesterday and today (and hail 3 times on Friday). I'm glad I didn't follow the "frost calendar" for planting, I would have planted half my veggies by now! Joan


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